Key Leaders:

  • Ajanta Choudhury, SGA Executive VP
  • Amogh Gadekar & Julia Johnson, Public Health Committee Co-Chairs
  • Tommy Little, Willa Chatman, & Lolita Ringfield, GT Facilities
  • Kelsey Cavallero, WiMSE Grad President
  • Bryan Gomez, RHA President

Progress from this Year:

  • Coordinated with GT Facilities to manage product distribution & collection of usage data
  • Expanded pilot to more campus restrooms
  • Worked with Aunt Flow to order dispensers & products as needed
  • Coordinated with WiMSE & RHA to facilitate product availability in dispensers managed by them
  • Worked with GT Facilities, WiMSE, RHA, & Ford to collect usage data
  • Made the proposal for MPP to receive long-term Institute funding to ensure continuation & expansion of the program
  • Gained administration approval for institutionalization of MPP!