Key Leaders: 

  • Niveda Shanmugam & Billie Harrer, SGA Cultural & Diversity Affairs Committee (CDAC) Co-Chairs
  • Alex Casado, SGA VP of Student Life
  • Dr. Colatrella, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology (WST)
  • Katherine Bennett, Danielle Schechter, & Monica Marks, WST
  • Jessica Rose, GT Facilities Management (GT Facilities)
  • Stacey Connell, Health Initiatives (HI)

Progress from this Year:

  • Began initial planning of MPP
  • Drafted a proposal for Gift to Tech, a competition that allocates Student Alumni Association (SAA) funding toward campus initiatives
  • Coordinated logistics with GT Facilities & Health Initiatives regarding installations, refilling, & inventory
  • Established a partnership with Aunt Flow for inventory and dispensers